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مساحة العقار

1,200 2315

المساحة الكلية

1,000 2840

سنة البناء

January 2019


THE CHILKOOT TRAIL OUTPOST IS AN Alaskan Lodge in the heart of the pristine Dyea Valley. Located just 7 miles from Segway and a half mile from the head of the famous Chilkoot Trail, guests enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of Face Mountain, Long Bay and the ocean water of the Lynn Fjord which is one of the deepest and longest fjords in North America.

The Outpost can comfortably accommodate up to 36 guests per day. The amenities, included are free wireless high speed Internet, fax, as well as the normal business services.

THE CABINS, RATED IN THE TOP 15 in Alaska Accommodations, afford guests with a unique touch of luxury in a setting beyond description. The beauty of the area not only offers hiking trails, picnic grounds, wildlife, natural springs and a waterfall, but include the echoes of the gold rush.

Nearby tours of historic Dyea, rafting, dog sledding and horseback riding. A zip Line Adventures with spectacular views of the Dyea and Skagway valleys.

Parcel Size

5.6 acres or 243,936 Sq. Ft.

Legal Address US Survey 3414 B405 Building.

Approximately 10,000 square feet of buildings:

Main Lodge has 2,804 sq.ft. is designed for providing dinning and bar activities for guests, has living quarters for owners with 2 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths, Jacuzzi in master with walk in closet and bolted safe. Has an oil fired in-floor heating system.


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رقم العقار:PT-204-AXZR
نوع العقار:المؤامرات
السعر: 4,566,745 Rs/Per Year
نوع العملة:PKR (Rs)
غرف النوم:55
سنة البناء:January 2019
مساحة العقار:1,200 2315
المساحة الكلية:1,000 2840

تفاصيل اضافية

Freehold Ownership :Yes
Deposit :20%
Last Remodel Year :2010
Additional Rooms :Guest Bath
Pool Size:300 Sqft
Equipment :Gas fireplace
Freehold Ownership :Yes


  • إنذار حريق
  • الحديقة
  • تدفئة مركزية
  • تغطية النوافذ
  • تكيف
  • شرفة
  • غسالة
  • غسيل ملابس
  • كراج
  • واي فاي

خطط المبنى

  • Pacific Floor
    • الغرف: 53
    • حمام: 34
    • الحجم: 450 1000
    السعر:1300 340

    Retreat Building has 2,000 sq. ft. designed group meeting space, for corporate retreats, Business retreats, Weddings, Family reunions, complete with banquet/conference facility.


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